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Welcome to Pucela Escocia!

Hi everyone!

Today, on the 91st anniversary of the founding of Real Valladolid C.F., I am really pleased to announce the launch of our new website, Pucela Escocia. It will be a site dedicated to looking at news and occurrences at the club, while giving opinion from the perspective of the only Scottish-based fan club in existence.

It's a very exciting chapter in the club's history with major developments on the field and off, as Real Valladolid seek to extend their reach into previously untapped corners of the world. The aim of this site, and of Pucela Escocia as a whole, is to offer an English-language information resource for anyone looking to further their knowledge about this wonderful team and the people connected to it. I want to bring Real Valladolid to more people, to share my passion for the club, its fans, the city of Valladolid and the wider area of Castilla y León. I have had the privilege to visit there and it is truly a wonderful part of a fantastic country. I have been lucky enough to be a fan of Real Valladolid since 2010, in what was a chance encounter which you will be able to read more of in the "About Us" section when it is updated. This has allowed me to forge many great friendships, to meet wonderful people and to experience the hospitality and warm welcome of other fans.

Presently, there is little content on the site but I aim to grow and develop this project over a period of time. Of course, I will provide match reports, transfer rumours and other chat that you would expect from a fan site. However, as time goes on, I will dig deeper into the fabric of the club. I will host a weekly podcast series throughout the season, initially in English but I plan to extend this into Spanish episodes as my language skills improve. Indeed, as I develop my Spanish, I would like to provide more content in Spanish too. As well as the footballing side of things, you can expect to see a guide to the city of Valladolid in coming weeks for anyone who is planning a trip or who just wishes to know more about this great city (and it IS a great city!).

A football team is nothing without its fans, and Real Valladolid can count many loyal supporters among their number. It would be great to connect other fans with the rest of the world, so I shall highlight other supporters groups around Spain and other parts of the globe. Let's get Real Valladolid's name out there for the world to enjoy!

Don't forget to check back regularly over the coming weeks, as I plan to add more content to the site. If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see, please get in touch as I would love to hear from you and share your ideas and experiences.

Ladies and gentlemen, Thursday 20th June, 2019 - on the 91st birthday of the club I love - I proudly dedicate to you the brand new Pucela Escocia website. I hope you enjoy it!

¡Aupa Pucela!

Martin Devlin


Pucela Escocia fan club

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